Hotel reservations are to be arranged by school participants, except for CNRS employees and for students (whose accommodation is included in the registration fees). Some hotels are listed below.

Students will be lodged in student residences on the University of Bordeaux 1 campus, and (non-student) CNRS employees will be lodged in the Citea hotel (part of the list below).

Student Residences

Students hosted on the University of Bordeaux 1 campus can get the key to their room at LaBRI at the following times. Indications on how to reach the responsible person will be displayed at the entrance of the LaBRI. Please read the following link if you will be arriving on sunday or after 10pm.

Saturday, June 17.Sunday, June 18.
-14:00 - 17:00
20:00 - 23:0020:00 - 23:00

Students can sleep in the residence starting from saturday, 17. evening, to saturday, 24. morning (7 nights). Breakfasts are included only for the days from monday to friday, and will be at the Cafétéria of the Restaurant Universitaire 1 which is next to the residences (see the synthetic campus map).

The keys will have to be given back upon departure to a MOVEP organizer.


Below are listed some hotels close to the School, to the city center or to the train station. It is advisable to make a reservation as soon as possible. It is also a good idea to confirm the reservation by fax. Prices are indicative and may vary according to room size.

Hotels in Talence, close to the School

The following hotels are close to the tram line B stop Roustaing. It takes 10 – 15 mn to get to LaBRI (by tram or by foot), and approximately 20 mn to get to the center of Bordeaux (by tram). There are a few restaurants close by.

Hotels in the city center of Bordeaux

The following hotels are close to the tram line B stops Gambetta and Quinconces. It takes approximately 25 mn to get to the LaBRI (by tram). There are many restaurants close by.

Hotels close to the train station (Gare Saint Jean)

The following hotels are close to the tram line A stop Gare Saint Jean. It takes approximately 35 mn to get to the LaBRI (by tram, connecting to line B at Quinconces). There are several restaurants close by.

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