School Location

The School will take place on the University of Bordeaux-1 campus in Talence near Bordeaux. Tutorials will be held in the auditorium of the LaBRI building (A30) and the student sessions in the A29 building next to the LaBRI building (see the campus maps).

Visa [Important!]

If you are not a Schengen citizen or if you are coming from outside Schengen, check if you need a visa there.

Getting to LaBRI

The LaBRI is located in the triangular building A30 in the middle of the Science Campus of the University of Bordeaux-1, on the right just after the duck pond. The entrance is at the farthest corner, at the northern extremity of the building. Reception for the laboratory is up the stairs one floor, door 167. An intercom at street level is available for contacting one's correspondant directly.

By Taxi

Ask for ``l'Université de Bordeaux-1, 351, cours de la Libération, TALENCE''.

By City Bus and City Tram

Bordeaux has a very complete public transportation system with busses and trams. Daily busses are available from 5:00 to 21:30, night busses from 21:30 to 1:00 and trams from 5h00 to 1h00.

By car

For further details see the access map.

Access to the campus by night and on sunday

The access to the part of the campus where the LaBRI is located is supposed to be closed at around 10pm every day and the whole day on sundays. The only access is pedestrian, through a bridge very close to the tramway stop "Arts et Métiers" (see the synthetic campus map). In particular, students who have to come to LaBRI to get a key to their room during the week-end will certainly prefer to get out of the tram at "Arts et Métiers" if the small gates at "Peixotto" and "Béthanie" are closed.

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